I had an incredible time this full moon just passed. I did a lot of clearing with my partner around letting go of expectations and releasing old patterns that were causing us to butt heads without ever really expressing truthfully, with robust vulnerability that we were doing so. I felt refreshed from this deep conversation and it has brought us into a more compassionate place.

The work doesn’t stop there though.

The new moon is a perfect time for setting intentions and getting clear on the way you choose to live your life. 

Here is part of my new moon ritual. (Keep in mind that I am constantly engaging with my inner world; staying informed throughout the month as to what triggers me, patterns I notice, moments of joy, moments of frustration). I cultivate an informed, curious and playful way of living that allows me to set considered intentions at this time of month. 


A few days before the new moon I’ll start by reading the Astral Insights from my favourite astrology site (I love MYSTICMAMA.COM) and investigating specifically and deeply how they show up in my life.

(For anyone who is an astrology sceptic: the reading really just helps me tune into what’s going on for me and how I can harness the magnetism of this time to get the best results for my spiritual, physical and emotional growth)

I’ll copy and paste sentences that resonate with me into a document on my computer. If there are questions, I’ll answer them, if there is something particularly pertinent, I’ll write about it. This is messy, and so it should be, research always is.

Here’s some of my personal investiagion:

(Text in italics are taken from MYSTICMAMA.COM and text in regular font are my own musings)


New Moon Aires 

A bold *NEW MOON* – (bold: showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous:) bold=theme for the year

Our beliefs lie hidden in the unconscious until we turn our attention to them. These beliefs are what we learned as children—often limiting, involving guilt and shame. Once we turn the light of self-love and consciousness on them, they can transform and grow.
   • the belief that there is not enough love to go around. the belief that if I appear less than, vulnerable, not as good as, I am not deserving of love. 

not by fighting against the old but by imagining and living the new.
Hold them in balance, ask for the truth, hear the truth and get on with it

a deep need to align with complete personal freedom from any form of limitation.
the potential for wholeness and evolution coming out of an experience of conflict

we actually need to temper our will, drive and ego energy otherwise actions taken in haste right now could shoot us in the foot. discernment, analytic

burn off sleepy habits
   • where do I use tiredness as an excuse? – not to practice, not to read, not to go out and engage with creative people.

Aries is the total bravery that leads to brand new beginnings. 

So certain are we that we know best, we can easily shut down to life’s nudges and messages which tell us there may just be another way we’ve dismissed or ignored for too long.

It takes time and patience to come up with a plan or gain enough clarity to know that, in fact, nothing need be done.
to know when we don’t know is a wise and noble abiding. (moving to LA, changes with K)

The wisdom of this New Moon is accessed in the quiet of inner reflection
The key to fulfillment is found in living for life
It’s time to wipe the slate clean of expectations and let life lead us step by step, gifting us its wisdom as we go.


Then from this place I’ll start brainstorming some goals or intentions for the moon based around the themes that spoke to me in the reading.

I try not to dwell too much on the how, rather on the feeling, using specific words that fire up my belly or swell open my heart. I recommend starting big with lots of descriptions. Have fun and be loose with this. Then get specific by narrowing down exactly what it is you want to create.

Other things to consider are areas of your life: health, relationship, career, personal growth.

Out of this I got:

What is it that I really want?

   • new job opportunities that nurture my creative life but create routine and balance as well. 

   • a learning opportunity to improve my vulnerability in my acting, opening for tears and    challenging myself emotionally

   • creating discipline around my creative practice day to day, getting on with it! One hour a day commitment.

   • softening with K when it comes to “I know” paradigm. Feeling of resistance and defence around not being good enough, disguised by “I already know that”, you don’t need to tell me. Tightening in the chest and jaw. AWARENESS and SOFTENING

The core theme I want to work with this month is: softening defensiveness.

That encapsulates my relationship intention and career/personal intentions. What I like about this is that I’ve narrowed down in a specific way what I want to be bringing awareness to this month. So that when I’m out living my life and catch myself on auto-pilot I can remember this phrase “soften defensiveness”. (Even still, I’m not sure it’s the right intention, I might look at it again tonight to make it clearer).

The more specific, the more refined my intentions are, the easier it is for me to remember, actively engage and create the life I want.

I hope this is helpful for you lovely people.

I’ll post again in a few weeks about my process around the full moon x

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