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  • ‘Good for a girl’ and other destructive phrases: Sandy Evans on Women in Jazz

    Sandy Evans is one of the most well-respected jazz musicians working in Australia today. Notice how I purposefully left out the prefix “female”. Why is it that people feel the need to introduce women with their gender? No one ever says, “one of the greatest male saxophonists of our time”. No, because just like “his”-story,…

  • What My X-Factor Experience Revealed About The Dangers of Comparison

    A couple of weeks ago I got a call from the X-Factor asking me if I wanted to come to an invite-only audition (oh the glamour). A producer from the show had seen me at a gig and asked for me to come, pretty old me! I was obviously flattered but I had never seen…

  • In Loving Memory of My Ass

    On a recent trip to LA I decided to lose a few kilos. I have always had an issue with my thighs which sounds so ridiculous now, like they’re the inappropriate uncle at a family gathering or an artsy friend who wears flowy pant dresses. But it’s true. Even though I’ve always been pretty healthy,…


    I had an incredible time this full moon just passed. I did a lot of clearing with my partner around letting go of expectations and releasing old patterns that were causing us to butt heads without ever really expressing truthfully, with robust vulnerability that we were doing so. I felt refreshed from this deep conversation and…

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